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Passing through Philippine Immigration

"Offload" This is a term that a Filipino, who wants to go out of the Philippines, doesn't want to experience. I've done my homework and did browse the internet about it and how to get away from it. And based from my rough comprehension from the blogs I read and websites I visited, often times,… Continue reading Passing through Philippine Immigration

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I write because I read

Truth be told, writing makes me lazy. There seems to be so many things that's going through my mind yet my fingers can't seem to follow. At times, I just can't find the exact words to use in a sentence. And the perfectionist in me easily gets frustrated whenever I can't get things right. So… Continue reading I write because I read

Experiences · Philippines

Marriage License Application in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

"Yes!" was my reply when my American boyfriend proposed. Although it didn't come as a surprise as we've been talking about getting married for quite some time, it was still a life-changing decision. I finally agreed to start another chapter of my life of being a wife and eventually, a mother. Awww... But wait! Before… Continue reading Marriage License Application in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines