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I was browsing the reader for something, anything to read when I came across Jenny in Neverland's blog about this Harry Potter Q&A and I was like "Rad! I'd definitely love to do this, too." So, here's my answers. 1. What house are you in? Hufflepuff. I signed up to Pottermore many years ago wherein I… Continue reading The Harry Potter Tag

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No Bake Oreo Marshmallow Munchkin Recipe

I'm a proud sweet tooth and so does my family. We often look forward to special occasions to showcase our individual sweet treat recipes. I must admit, I often choose a simple recipe because I really prefer to eat than to make it. (Surprise, surprise!) Anyway, the recipe I am going to share is something… Continue reading No Bake Oreo Marshmallow Munchkin Recipe

Hobbies & Interests · the foodie and the obra

Chicken Mung Bean with Vegetables Recipe

Here’s what you need to know about mung beans: Mung beans are a high source of nutrients including: manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc and various B vitamins. They are also a very filling food, high in protein, resistant starch and dietary fiber. You can find mung beans in dried powder form, as whole uncooked beans, “split-peeled”… Continue reading Chicken Mung Bean with Vegetables Recipe

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I write because I read

Truth be told, writing makes me lazy. There seems to be so many things that's going through my mind yet my fingers can't seem to follow. At times, I just can't find the exact words to use in a sentence. And the perfectionist in me easily gets frustrated whenever I can't get things right. So… Continue reading I write because I read

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Book Review: A Deviant Style of Writing a Novella

In this almost empty library in my building, I didn't expect to find a uniquely and unconventionally written novel that I never knew existed. Or at least, I never expected somebody to pull off writing this way. SUMMARY: At first glance, I thought it's just one of those typical narrative of imaginary characters and human… Continue reading Book Review: A Deviant Style of Writing a Novella

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A New Hobby

Everyone has their own hobbies and interests. Some people are born skilled with certain talent, hone these even more and make use of them to earn a living. While others find interest in some activities, acquire them by training themselves for no other reason than their own satisfaction and happiness. Well, I have my hobbies… Continue reading A New Hobby

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My Bucketlist 

More often than not, I prefer to just go with the flow. Without plans, without hassle. Just see what happens. When I was twentysomething, creating a list about the things I want to do in life was considered. However, it was never taken seriously.  Being a perfectionist gets in the way with my plans, too.… Continue reading My Bucketlist