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A Day Trip to Kuala Lumpur with a wanderlust

A week ago, I and my friend, Janice, who just arrived in Singapore, devised a plan to meet and go sightseeing both in Singapore and Malaysia.

We knew that a day won’t be enough to explore both places. So at first, we couldn’t decide which one to go first. And to be honest, I’ve been living in Johor for almost 4 months now but I still haven’t wandered around this part of Malaysia on my own. So I was reluctant to make suggestions.

But after much deliberation ( lol! ), we finally came up with an exciting plan of going to Kuala Lumpur for a day. Yey!

I’ve been to KL a couple of months ago, so I know from experience that it takes roughly 4 hours to get there and another 4 hours to come back. Yet, this hasn’t stopped us from carrying out our plan considering that Janice (or Ms Janice, as I endearly call her most of the time), still needs to cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia on the same day.

(Hoah! What a persistent lot we are!)

Well, to cut the story short, we got to Larkin Sentral at around 10:30am which is later than what we expected to depart from Johor. And as we were at the counter to get our tickets, we realized that the next City Express bus wasn’t due to leave until 11:30am. But even if there were other bus liners that will leave earlier than that, I still insisted on taking it. Bus fare is RM 35.

After purchasing our tickets, we just grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the platform assigned to us. 

It was a long and agonizing bus ride but thanks to the comfortable seats, we were able to rest a bit and chitchat a lot. And take selfies some more. 😂😂😂

On our way to KL

At TBS, waiting for our Uber ride



KL Tower is the tallest in Southeast Asia and the seventh tallest telecommunication in the world. It is said to be the symbol of Kuala Lumpur’s ‘The Garden City of Light’s and the best place to experience Malaysia’s culture, adventure and nature.

Menara Kuala Lumpur / KL Tower

We got lucky as there weren’t so many people. 

We got the sky deck + sky box + observation deck tickets for RM 105.

KL Tower tickets and waiver

Ms Janice at the ticketing counter in KL Tower

And once we stepped out onto the Sky deck at 300 meters high, nobody could stop us taking snapshots from every angle. Haha!

Amazing view at the Sky Deck
I believe I can fly

When we were done appreciating the view of the city and satisfied with the photos we got,  we then took the queue that allowed us to step onto the Sky box which is made of glass and still at 300 meters high. This box extends out from the Sky deck ledge. 

Waiting for our turn on the Sky Box

At the Sky Box
Never mind the fear of heights 😆
Right, Ms Janice? 😂

That was really quick. We could actually have taken some more pics. But when people’s eyes are glued to you while you take various poses, it’s quite uncomfortable at some point. Nothing we could do about that anymore. 

We then left for the observation deck which is located at 276 meter above ground level, where you get a 360 view of KL city skyline.

Ms Janice, what can you see?
I guess I just have to see it for myself.

Insert: my other wanderlust friend, Alejandra Bonita /Pashnea/Joy

Ms Janice and Ate Joy are the perfect example of a wanderlust. Although Ate Joy is not with us in this trip physically, she is definitely in our hearts and mind. And hopefully in the near future, the three of us can go on another trip abroad together.

Alejandra Bonita /Pashnea/Joy, wish you were here!

The observation deck has shops where you can find numerous stuffs to bring home as a souvenir for yourself and / or your loved ones. 

Hmmm?! Which one should I get? This one or the other one?
Ms Janice striking her best pose on our way out of the observation deck

The Sky Deck,  Sky Box and Observation Deck are not the only attractions found in KL Tower. You can also try their F1 Simulator where you can experience the feeling of driving an F1 race car,  and XD Theater where you can experience a 6D motion simulated thrill ride. 

You can also visit the Upside Down House with the concept of a cottage house with an antique ‘Morris 1974’ hung upside down at the entrance, and Flavour of Malaysia which provides a unique experience of traditional Malay houses with choices of local delicacies. 

They also have yearly events such as the International Towerthon Challenge where marathon enthusiasts challenge their endurance to climb up KL Tower  2,058 steps to reach the finishing line, and the International Base Jump which is the longest-running urban base jump event since 1999 and now the largest event of its kind in the world. 

But what I really wanted to explore if we were not painfully time-constrained are their KL Forest Eco Park with an area of 9.37 hectares and is known as the oldest gazette forest reserve in Malaysia, the KL Tower Mini Zoo with a wide range of exotic animals such such as massive pythons,  cheeky squirrel monkeys, cuddly rabbits, beautiful and colorful parrots and the like, and their Blue Coral Aquarium which showcases a super-close views of sharks and multitude of fishes and under-the-sea exotic creatures such as Spotted Cardinalfish,  Clownfish, Caper, Anemones and other various sea star species. 

KL Tower Mini Zoo ticketing booth
Blue Coral Aquarium souvenir shop

Although we left KL Tower around 6pm, the fun didn’t stop there. And we still had energy for our last pit stops. Yes. Not only one,  not even two but three in one location.

Here we go.


As I pointed out to Ms Janice, it’s like a crime to visit Kuala Lumpur and not see the Petronas Twin Towers. Haha! Kidding!

I mean seriously, if you are in Kuala Lumpur especially in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), why not grab the chance to take two or three selfies with this 452 metres tall buildings as the background?

Of course, that’s what Ms Janice and I just did. But we didn’t only take three pictures of us with the Petronas Twin Towers as the background. We took quite a lot. 

The best pick for my profile pic 😆

From KL with love
Here’s Ms Janice’s Instagram-worthy photo

Since we started feeling the effect of our blood sugar dropping at a distressing level, we hurried inside Suria KLCC mall to get something to eat.

On our way in,  we got to see these F1 race cars.

And see a little bit of what the mall has to offer.


But our focus is on these. And it’s perfectly agreeable as we have never eaten anything since 11am this morning.

We hate to leave but it’s almost 8pm and we still have to catch a bus to Johor which will take 4 hours. 

And despite the fact that KLCC Park is just around the same area, Ms Janice and I just agreed to leave it out and head back to TBS. 

However, on our way out, we landed on the wrong floor and we have to go one level up to exit the building. And as we look outside, there seemed to be so many people. Our curiosity got the best of us and we finally headed out to see what’s in KLCC park. 


I never expected this, and I honestly have to admit. I felt I could have missed half of my life if we left just as we planned. Haha! Well, not exactly but it was definitely a fantastic show. Good thing it didn’t take us long coz we really need to go. 

But before we leave, let me just capture one more photo of the tallest twin towers in the world. 

Lovely, isn’t it?
Photo credit : Ms Janice and myself

Disclaimer : The descriptions of KL Tower events, activities and attractions are based from the brochure we got from KL Tower ticketing counter.


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