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A New Hobby

Everyone has their own hobbies and interests. Some people are born skilled with certain talent, hone these even more and make use of them to earn a living. While others find interest in some activities, acquire them by training themselves for no other reason than their own satisfaction and happiness.

Well, I have my hobbies and interests too. Listening to music, for one. I like love songs that deeply touch the heart. I also have a thing for upbeat music. It makes me dance which I’m also inclined to. Only as my pastime.

One thing that I’m so amazed of about music is the people who have talents to create them. There are those who compose lyrics and there are those who create the melody. There are those who sings while others play instruments. And I really admire those who can. 

‘Cause I can’t.

But I want.

To learn…

I recently started to learn how to play the keyboard. I only depended on https://www.instructables.com to learn the basics. It’s a bit confusing at first. But once I got to the hang of it, it became easier.

So, here’s how I learned so far:

How to Play the keyboard

Step 1: Posture

  • Back straight
  • Arms hang relaxed from the shoulder
  • Elbows slightly higher than the keys
  • Sit on the front half of the bench
  • Feet on the floor

Step 2: Basics

  • 88 keys or less (Mine has 61 keys with 36 white keys and 25 black keys)
  • Half step – the distance between two consecutive keys
  • Whole step – moving (up or down) two half steps from starting key

Step 3: Notes

  • Middle C – The C note is the white key directly to the left of the group of two black keys. The Middle C is the one in the center of the keyboard. There’s more than one C in a piano keyboard.
  • White notes – moving from C, D, E, F, G and go back to beginning of the alphabet A, B, and so on. The group of 7 white keys from C-B, with 5 black keys between is called an octave. It repeats itself on a piano.
  • Black notes – arranged in groups of 2 nad groups of 3. Names are based on the white keys near them and the sharp (#) or flat (b) symbols. A sharp is to go up to the next key by a half step while a flat is to go down a half step.

      I’m currently practicing to play these:

      1. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (using the RIGHT hand only) – It’s a very clear and easy to follow tutorial by Mint Music

      2. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (using bought hands) – It’s a bit hard to use both hands but it surely sounds better when played. It’s really a useful video from Peter PlutaX. Just needs dedication and patience. 

      I learned that it’s important to keep practicing even if I find it hard. 
      At first, you’d feel like you’re going nowhere and you can’t even recognize the sound that you’re making. But that’s just how it is. Be comfortable and just keep playing. 

      As you can see on the photo, I put masking tape on each key and wrote the notes on it to help me easily locate the key when I play.

      I’m far from being a good pianist but I’m playing the keyboard for 30 minutes to an hour a day. I also take important notes on my notebook and keep browsing the net for more information and tips and advice.

      So, to put it simply:

      Whichever way works for you,

      USE it and DO it 😉


      6 thoughts on “A New Hobby

      1. It’s really a good and a cool habit. I’m a guitarist and been playing it from 7 years so I know how GLORIOUS it feels when you create your own music or put a music in any of the songs. Good luck for future. The tip from my side is Practice makes perfect. So practice like it’s science, play like it’s an art 💪💪👏


      2. Music is such a wonder, because it’s not “there”, and yet it’s completely real. Being able to create it or not doesn’t prevent you from being able to live it and connect it with the transcendent parts of life -which is, I believe, the purpose of music-. So the best of lucks with your keyboard learning!

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