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My Bucketlist 

More often than not, I prefer to just go with the flow. Without plans, without hassle. Just see what happens.

When I was twentysomething, creating a list about the things I want to do in life was considered. However, it was never taken seriously.

Being a perfectionist gets in the way with my plans, too. When I plan, I feel the need to make it work the way I wanted it. And when it doesn’t, it really pisses me off.

At the age of 31, I can say that I am satisfied with what I have achieved professionally. I am not difficult to please. I am happy even with the simplest things I can get. But I wondered about what else do I want to do? Just like the hypothetical question:















If you only have 6 months to live, what will you do?


So I thought, writing them down is just appropriate. You can write down everything and anything you want to do. It doesn’t exactly have a deadline. And you can always add or remove a thing or two when you want it. In short, it’s not so stressful coz it simply guides you.

I have listed the things I wish to do and experience:

  1. Travel – Visit other countries (Progress: 3 – Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam)
  2. Get married (√)
  3. Have 1 child
  4. Learn Spanish – I’m not sure why but the language just really fascinates me (Update: I’m 35 % fluent in Spanish according to Duolingo. Yey!)
  5. Learn how to swim – I love the beach so much!
  6. Lose weight ( my belly fat ) – I want to look better and it helps boost confidence
  7. Learn to cook good food – I want to be more skillful in food tastes.
  8. Ride a hot air balloon – to conquer my fear of heights
  9. Go horseback riding – for the thrill
  10. Go ziplining – to conquer fear of heights
  11. Write a blog – (Progress: 23)
  12. Visit Disneyland – there’s always a child within us, right?
  13. Visit Universal Studios (√)
  14. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando – a Potterhead here
  15. Start a business – still thinking but I’m interested in an online buy and sell business
  16. Try being a wedding coordinator – to satisfy the perfectionist in me (at least to my close relatives and immediate family members only)
  17. Continue drawing/sketching – a hobby I missed so much
  18. Get inked – 3 to 4 meaningful ones
  19. Ride a cable car – just wanna experience
  20. Learn how to drive – just wanna learn
  21. Learn how to ride a bike – when I was a child I was not so exposed with outdoor activities
  22. Go solo backpacking – to experience what it feels like
  23. Write a romance short story or novel (Update: 1)

There you go. I know I may have changes or additions to this list in the future. But as of now, I’ll stick to what is achievable.


6 thoughts on “My Bucketlist 

  1. Great list! Every year, usually around my birthday, I review my want-to list. I’ve called it goals before but that seems so rigid.
    Enjoy your checking off process, and I wish you much FUN as you accomplish them!

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