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My First Flight

March 20, 2017 – 7:00 am

Dear Diary,

Today is my very first flight.

I couldn’t sleep well last night because I was so anxious. Anxious of getting on a plane for the first time? Nah. I was more anxious of passing through immigration. (I will share about that experience in a separate post.)

Anyway, as I was sitting on my assigned seat on the plane waiting for take off, I was so groggy. So I thought, “Okay, I’ll try to take a nap later”.

After a few minutes, I heard the announcement from one of the cabin crew that we are ready for take off. The safety demonstration began. The engine started and the plane was safely maneuvering its way through the runway. Then, it continued to move faster and up, higher, off the ground. And that feeling, I couldn’t put them into words, simply it’s just amazing.

I can’t seem to take my eyes away from the view outside. (Bdw, the husband made sure I get a window seat so I can see everything from take off to landing. Love him for always making sure I get the best thing in life.)

I can’t help but thank God and be amazed of how everything was created. From how the islands below were formed to how beautifully the clouds adorned the clear blue skies. 

🎶 And I tell to myself, what a wonderful world 🎶

Flying for a first timer, may be frightening, condering those who have acrophobia like me. A bit maybe, but I told myself, “I got this and I have to do this so you can’t miss this”. 

And I just had a new discovery about myself. I’m not scared of flying. Yey! 

In fact, it was a fun experience. That shaky, shaky thing, is that what you call air turbulence?, has a little to nothing effect on me and it can never replace the happiness I felt, I could cry. 

Now, some may laugh at me or wonder why I’m so melodramatic? Well, I am just a person who takes time to appreciate everything even petty things that life has to offer.

So don’t be shy to hit the comment button and share your first time flying. How was it? Did you have fun just like I did?


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